The use of two-handed Spey rods is the biggest thing to hit the world of fly fishing since the introduction of graphite fly rods.  Born on the Atlantic salmon streams of the UK and Scandinavia, spey casting involves a dynamic roll casting technique with a change of direction often while dealing with limited back casting room.  Its applicability to the steelhead streams of the Pacific Northwest (along with other locations and species) have made it an instant hit with both experienced and new fly anglers alike.

But learning how to cast these long two-handed rods requires a little practice.  Taking a spey casting lesson with a professional casting instructor can speed up your learning curve and get you out on the water more quickly to hook a big “steelie on the swing.”  Since the commitment to purchase the necessary gear is no small decision, some fly anglers just want to see if spey is right for them. An “intro to spey” session can help you make an informed choice as to whether to jump into the spey game.

One of our many casting instruction venues, the Golden Gate casting ponds in San Francisco’s beautiful Golden Gate Park, is the perfect place to learn spey casting.  The clean and wadable ponds at Golden Gate provide a safe but realistic water based environment to practice the many different waterborne anchoring techniques in spey casting.

And the good news is that our spey casting instruction fee schedule is the same as our single handed instruction.  We also have loaner spey rods, reels, & specialty spey lines (e.g., Skagit, Scandi, etc.) for our students to borrow.