Clinics and Fishouts

Next Clinics:

FREE: Surf Fishing the California Coast
Saturday, June 25th, 2016
10:30am – 12:00pm
Presenter: Bill Scharninghausen
No matter how much water we get (or don’t get), the ocean always has plenty. Join us for a comprehensive surf fishing clinic that will cover gear basics and identifying the right water. Pro Staffer Bill Scharninghausen will get you ready to start surf fishing off the California coast.Key topics include:
* Finding the right location/reading the water
* Fishing techniques
* The right gear
* Surf fliesThere will be a buddyfish the next day off Half Moon Bay. You need to attend the Tailgate Talk in order to fish with Bill the next day.
surf fishing

FREE: Fly Tying Day
November 5th 6th
10:00am- 4pm
Have you ever been interested in tying flies or fly fishing? Fly tying is an art and a skill. Finished flies range from frame-worthy artwork to killer bugs that trick fish into believing they’re food. Come see for yourself at California Fly Shop’s Fly Tying Day. Whether you’re new to tying or an old hand, we’ll have over a dozen tyers demonstrating their skills and tying their finest.A great event for the whole family.